Отличное новое меню в ресторане караван

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In the heart of ancient Bukhara hospitably opened its doors - Restaurant "Karavan".  Once you are in the small, nevertheless cozy and delightful patio of the restaurant, you plunge into the world of old Bukhara. Inside the “Karavan” you will find elements of ethnic culture of the region - an old spinning wheel, a kerosene lamp, baby cradle, antique pots, old stoves, embroideries, centuries-old photos on the walls ... And here involuntarily comes a desire to try something delicious from an ancient national cuisine of Bukhara. Our chefs - are true masters of their craft, will surprise you with their culinary skills. At your one behest you will be served the world-famous Bukhara pilaf, stewed lamb, lamb manti and many other varieties of delicious meals ... And it\'s not advertising, it\'s true! Come and see for yourself!

Welcome to the Restaurant “Karavan”

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